Introducing our new advisor Bo Alroe

This year has seen a lot of exciting changes come about for Grow Impact. We’ve had a new Chief Technical Officer come on board and, as well as expanding our operations and casting our eyes over to the eastern side of Australia, we’ve been building and developing new solutions and features for our software.  Another change that we are proud to be sharing this year is the addition of our new external advisor Bo Alroe.

Part of our dedication to our mission of always growing means that we are consistently adapting to the research environment and seeking out ways to change our processes and systems to allow for goals to be met and for our users and stakeholders to always receive the best level of service, experience, and value from us.

Our new external advisor has an impressive resume and a wealth of experience from a career in research business systems, implementation, consultancy, and customisation that spans over 20 years. He co-owned Atira, the original company behind the PURE software and has a deep understanding of universities and government users of research information management systems. Bo also worked for Elsevier from 2012 to 2016, receiving a special achievement award on behalf of his team in 2015, and he held the position as Director of Strategy for Digital Science, London, from 2016 until 2021, where he decided to leave.

So, what made Bo want to join Grow Impact as an external advisor?

Having worked in research and higher education since 2004 with universities and other key stakeholders in the UK, the US, Europe, and Australia, he has seen many different requirements for and approaches to measuring academic impact. This prompted his initial interest in Grow Impact’s approach and new vision, and he sees significant potential for universities, research institutes, funders, and other research organisations.

As a member of our external advisory team, Bo will be helping us along our journey to growing further, adapting and immersing ourselves in the many changes we can expect from the ever-changing research industry. Welcome Bo!

Dr. Tobias Schoep

In his former life, Tobias was the Impact Solutions Lead at one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia. He led and continues to be involved in the largest contemporary national research study of research impact assessment in this sector. Tobias lives and breathes research impact.


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