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Tobias Schoep
August 3, 2020

Historical Context

The Telethon Kids Institute (the Institute) is committed to improving the health and development of children, young people and their families and communities. Telethon Kids produces produce one of the most comprehensive medical research impact reports in Australia. The report includes case studies and indicators of impact showcasing their great work. Since 2018 Momentum Empowering Impact has been used to collect information on indicators of impact from researchers, allowing Telethon Kids to demonstrate the impact of their research to stakeholders.


The Value of Momentum Empowering Impact for Telethon Kids


Increased brand reputation and financial sustainability

Data from Momentum helps populate the Telethon Kids annual Impact Report, a key instrument for showing stakeholders the impact of their research.

Our annual Impact Report encapsulates the breadth and depth of the impact of Telethon Kids’ research translation. Information from Momentum is included in the Impact Report to show stakeholders how our research is improving child health and development. I have found the metrics from Momentum very powerful to demonstrate how our researchers affect real-world change by working with community, sharing their knowledge, informing decision making and improving guidelines, policy and practice. The relationships that the Impact Report help us develop are integral to the reputation and financial sustainability of our organisation.

Jonathan Carapetis (Executive Director)

Created contemporary information about research for the community

The information from Momentum helps the community stay connected with Telethon Kids. Information on research projects is used to populate their external website.

Telethon Kids Institute has been using Momentum for several years to collect information from researchers about their team and research activities. This information is used by the Communications team in a number of ways including to develop metrics for the Impact Report and to update our website with team and project information.

The Impact Report is our annual flagship publication that showcases research making a difference. It includes written case studies as well as infographics that summarise a range of metrics that demonstrate research impact. To create these infographics, information is extracted from Momentum including: collaborations with other research organisations, industry, government, and national and international networks; involvement in external decision-making groups; instances our researchers are asked to provide expertise; our contributions to guidelines, policy and practice; translation of our research into tools or products; and active involvement in intervention studies. This is data we would not be able to access from another central source.

As we continue to use Momentum in the future, it has great potential to demonstrate how research is making an impact over time. With research teams adding their information annually, Momentum contains an ongoing set of rich data that is useful and useable across the organisation.

Tammy Gibbs, Senior Communications Manager

Researchers and program manager see value in Momentum

Momentum is used across the organisation at Telethon Kids. Research impact information is often provided by researchers and program managers. Here are some of the things they liked about Momentum:

― Satisfying to see the achievements for a team in the one place
― Older entries are kept and can be modified
― Well organised and easy to navigate
― The dropdown menus for relevant questions
― User friendly and self-explanatory


― Able to enter data year-round in real time
― The fact it retains last year’s information also, particularly given many of our projects extend across multiple years
― Relatively intuitive to use. As a program manager it’s a handy repository of info to quickly look things up.

Program Managers

Lowered the cost and improved the quality of reporting to government, funders and community

Momentum has minimised the burden of collecting data for reporting to government on grant outcomes.

Data from Momentum is essential for our outcome reporting to State Government in relation to the significant infrastructure funding received annually by our organisation. Before Momentum was available, we had to contact each individual researcher included in the report to collect their information. This was very time consuming. Momentum has streamlined this process for us and has greatly improved the quality of the data we provide in our report.

Tara McLaren, Head of Research Development

Momentum has helped minimise the burden of collecting research impact information at Telethon Kids.

I have been using Momentum for three years now and have found the system to be very user-friendly. The dropdown menus are easy to navigate and add information as required. The projects listed under each of the research teams are easy to access and update for the current year’s activities. With each user given a login for their own projects, they can log in any time during the life of the project to update the information as required. This helps to ensure the information in Momentum is current for the generation of annual reports. This system is a vast improvement from the Institute’s prior reporting methods of having to rely on ‘cutting and pasting’ Word documents from previous year’s data. Information would be lost in cross posting of emails, which quite often lead to errors or duplicates, and was quite time consuming.

Marina Stubbs (Administrative Officer)

Improved how professional services support research

The Telethon Kids has over three hundred active research projects. Momentum has been used to identify those projects that involve, for example, Aboriginal research to connect researchers with professional services that can support their research in this area. In response to enquiries from specific stakeholders, such as government, Momentum has been used to identify projects of interest to that stakeholder, such as research in certain geographical regions.

Tobias Schoep

Dr Tobias Schoep is the General Manager at Grow Impact. In his former life, Tobias was the Impact Solutions Lead at one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia.

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