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Momentum Empowering Impact is the flagship product of Grow Impact. Momentum Empowering Impact was developed by, and has been used for years at, the Telethon Kids Institute – one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia.
Grow Impact now brings Momentum Empowering Impact to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick responses to some of the more common questions we hear about the Momentum Empowering Impact software.

Is Momentum Empowering Impact currently available to everyone?

Momentum Empowering Impact is a system for the research sector. It is currently available to a closed cohort of select organisations. The first step to accessing the software is booking in a free demonstration.

How does Momentum Empowering Impact benefit Research Organisations?
  • Drive a research impact culture
  • Lower the cost of impact reporting and potentially improve funding success rates
  • Improve strategic management of research to maximise impact
How does Momentum Empowering Impact benefit Funders?
  • Increase understanding and impact of research spend
  • Easier management of awarded funding
  • Strategic management of investments
  • Improve reporting to stakeholders

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Discover how Momentum Empowering Impact can improve research outcomes for researchers, stakeholders, and funders.


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