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Grow Impact signs a top public university, Cranfield University

Grow Impact’s SaaS research reporting and management software has been adopted by Cranfield University, opening up the UK and Europe markets for Grow Impact, and opportunities for the company’s investors.

Grow Impact's out-of-the-box market-leading SaaS research reporting and management solution has just been adopted by one of the UK’s leading research institutions, Cranfield University. This relationship provides the launchpad for Grow Impact to expand into the UK and Europe. With clients already in its local Australian marketplace and interest from Asia and the US, Grow Impact is well positioned to tap into the 10,000 research institutions, universities and grant funders globally.

Grow Impact CEO, Nick Saunders, reflects on Grow Impact’s success, “Since Grow Impact was spun out from a local medical research institute, Telethon Kids Institute, we have singularly aimed at positioning Grow Impact to commercialise a SaaS platform that allows research and funder organisations to see the outcomes of their investments. Grow Impact enables researchers to show progress in a manner which is relevant to stakeholders including funding bodies, philanthropy, government, industry and community”.

Grow Impact’s business model is simple, grow an international footprint of the world’s leading research organisations and funders on multi-year SaaS agreements, then collaborate through scale investment or acquisition with research solution aggregators to deliver scale and market acceptance.

Grow Impact is a software solutions company that was founded in 2020. It offers reporting and management solutions to research and funder organizations wanting to see the outcomes of their investments.Learn more at


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