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Grow Impact in name, growing by nature, we are always moving forward. We’ve got new features on the horizon that are going to create even more value for you. Grow Impact makes funders and stakeholders partners in your research journey, making it easy for them to invest confidently in your research.

Plan your research journey

Grow Impact lets you map out your research journey from the start of the research process, in partnership with stakeholders such as funders. You can talk about your research impacts in the context of this journey.

Plan Research Pathway
Evidence Based Progress

Show how research is progressing, backed up by evidence

As your research progresses, link your impact indicators and evidence to the research journey so you can show your stakeholders how their investment is progressing your research towards real-world improvements and outcomes.

Show funders how their investment progresses research

Share your evidence-based research journeys with your most important stakeholders. Grow Impact has specific modules designed with stakeholders in mind so you can deliver the information in the most meaningful way.

Funder Investment Progress

No need to ask researchers for their data twice – we integrate with your existing systems

In a world where information may be stored in multiple systems, we can “plug in” to your other systems so that you can re-use data for impact reporting.

Connect External Data

We help you see the data in the way that works for you

We help build dashboards that show aggregated data that is important to your organisation, presented in a way that is useful for you and your stakeholders.

Using business intelligence-based solutions we can source and aggregate data from multiple systems.

Analyse - Dashboard
Easy Impact Statements

Build evidence for impact statements and case studies as the research happens

Grow Impact allows you start building the evidence to support impact statements and case studies as the research happens, creating a repository of knowledge for your organisation and researchers.

Grow Impact stores the evidence needed for NHMRC impact statements.

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