We want research to improve the world.

Grow Impact was born out of one of the largest research institutes in Australia, the Telethon Kids Institute.

We are responding to the need of research organisations to understand and communicate to stakeholders and funders their progress towards impact during a research journey that often takes many years.

Our executive team and board includes those that work in software and research, and personally understand the challenges of collecting the information needed to demonstrate the impact of research.

Our vision is simple. We want research to improve the world. We want to create transparent partnerships between research organisations, funders and stakeholders so that great investments are made in meaningful research.

Solving the research impact challenge

Funders and stakeholders increasingly want to understand where they fit into the research journey.

The research journey often plays out over a number of years, during which funders and stakeholders contribute in different ways and at different times.

Traditional reporting, such as metrics and case studies, can't easily show where they fit into this journey and how their contribution helps progress research.

Funders and Stakeholders

Funders and stakeholders want to understand how their support helps solve big research problems.

"Where does my funding go?"


Researchers want to be able to tell funders and stakeholders what they are doing with their support.

"How do I get funders to understand my progress and continue to support me?"

Imagine if there was a way to connect funders and stakeholders with researchers so that those who invest time, money and heart in research can understand how they progress research. Well there is, this is what Grow Impact does.

The Grow Impact team

The Grow Impact team has a track record of delivering great software and understands research impact.

Nick Saunders

Executive Chairman

Nick is an experienced CEO who has founded and grown several successful software companies. He leads Grow Impact with a strong track record in company growth and delivering great products that customers love.

Dr Tobias Schoep

General Manager and Founder

In his former life, Tobias was the Impact Solutions Lead at one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia. He led and continues to be involved in the largest contemporary national research study of research impact assessment in this sector. Tobias lives and breathes research impact.

Stacy Andrews

Chief Technical Officer

Stacy is a highly experienced software developer with over 18 years experience as a CTO. He has been CTO/Lead Developer on many national and international SaaS projects.

Ruchi Dhami

Software Engineer

Introducing Ruchi, a highly experienced and enthusiastic developer who develops lightning fast, scalable, and high quality code for complex business applications. She makes Grow Impact zing!

Sushant Adhikari

Frontend Developer

Sushant is passionate about developing beautiful, user-centred interfaces for Grow Impact so that we continue to deliver customers a fantastic user experience.

Nitesh Karki

Senior Cloud Systems Engineer

Nitesh is an AWS certified DevOps engineer with 5+ years of experience in multi-national IT enterprise environments, managing large scale servers, firewalls and networking. Nitesh makes sure that your Grow Impact data is safe and you can get it fast.

Bishal Adhikari

Web Developer

Do you like what you see on the Grow Impact website? Well, it's thanks to Bishal, our resident guru in building fully responsive and dynamic websites.

Real world impact

We bring researchers, funders and stakeholders together like never before to solve big problems.


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