Software to visually track research progress along a pathway toward a real world impact.

Funders and stakeholders can now understand how their support helps solve big research problems.

Researchers can now tell funders and stakeholders how their support is making a difference.

Winner: CSIRO Award for Excellence in Research Management Practice

National Runner Up: Best Infrastructure and Platform Innovation of the Year

National Finalist: Research & Innovation Project of the Year

National Finalist: Most Effective Infrastructure Solution

The research impact challenge

Funders and stakeholders increasingly want to understand where they fit into the research journey.

The research journey often plays out over a number of years, during which funders and stakeholders contribute in different ways and at different times.

Traditional reporting, such as metrics and case studies, can’t easily show where they fit into this journey and how their contribution helps progress research.

Funders and Stakeholders

Funders and stakeholders want to understand how their support helps solve big research problems.

“Where does my funding go?”


Researchers want to be able to tell funders and stakeholders what they are doing with their support.

“How do I get funders to understand my research and continue to support me?”

Imagine if there was a way to connect funders and stakeholders with researchers so that those who invest time, money and heart in research can understand how they progress research.

Data from Grow Impact is essential for our outcome reporting to State Government in relation to the significant infrastructure funding received annually by our organisation. Before Grow Impact was available, we had to contact each individual researcher included in the report to collect their information manually. This was very time consuming. Grow Impact has streamlined this process for us and has improved the quality of the data we provide in our report.

Tara McLaren, Head of Research


Demonstrate research impact

Grow Impact is a new approach to tracking the progress of research towards real world impacts over time.

Globally, researchers and funding bodies are increasingly required to communicate the impact of their activities to society and demonstrate return on investment.

Grow Impact is novel software provided as a service that enables researchers to show progress in a manner which is relevant to stakeholders including funding bodies, philanthropy, government, industry and community.

This is a gamechanger for research, allowing transparency and context so everyone involved in the process can see progress towards clear goals.


Show stakeholders how research is progressing towards impact as the research happens


Drive organisational culture towards one of recognising and rewarding activities contributing to engagement and research impact


Strategic management of research at the individual, team, center and organisational level to maximise impact


Provide opportunities for continuous engagement with funders, stakeholders and institutions


Manage and encourage investment in research progressing towards real-world impacts

Give your impact evidence context

Collect and report your organisations research impact information.


Most researchers want a change in how impact is assessed

Collect consistent research impact information from your researchers.

Collect via Momentum Empowering Impact

Generate effective reports to demonstrate progress.

Report on Progress with Momentum Empowering Impact

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The Grow Impact team

The Grow Impact team has a track record of delivering great software and understands research impact.

Nick Saunders

Executive Chairman

Nick is an experienced CEO who has founded and grown several successful software companies. He leads Grow Impact with a strong track record in company growth and delivering great products that customers love.

Dr Tobias Schoep

General Manager and Founder

In his former life, Tobias was the Impact Solutions Lead at one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia. He led and continues to be involved in the largest contemporary national research study of research impact assessment in this sector. Tobias lives and breathes research impact.

Kim Pearce

Chief Technical Officer

Kim is an experienced technology innovator and leader. Kim really listens to and understands the needs of customers, leading our development team to translate these needs into a great product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick responses to some of the more common questions we hear about Grow Impact.

Is Grow Impact currently available to everyone?

Grow Impact is a system for the research sector. It is currently available to a closed cohort of select organisations. The first step to accessing Grow Impact is booking a demonstration.

How does Grow Impact benefit Research Organisations?
  • Drives a research impact culture
  • Lowers the cost of impact reporting and potentially improve funding success rates
  • Improves strategic management of research to maximise impact
How does Grow Impact benefit Funders?
  • Increases understanding and impact of research spend
  • Easier management of awarded funding
  • Strategic management of investments
  • Improves reporting to stakeholders

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